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Scrap Metal Collection in County Antrim

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Commercial Scrap Metal Collection

At Mulholland Scrap Metals, we buy and recycle all types of commercial and industrial scrap metal, including farm scrap, regardless of the quantity. We offer skips to make it easy for you to dispose of your farm scrap and also have a collection service for your convenience.

Mulholland Scrap Metals is a well-respected scrap dealer in County Antrim and the surrounding areas in Northern Ireland. The latest ecological processes for the disposal of scrap complying with the latest environmental regulations are adhered to by our expert scrap dealers to handle discard and recycle your old metal. 

For a free estimate of how much your farm scrap is worth, all you have to do is phone us. We will give detailed information and a written estimation of how much your scrap is likely to be worth.

sorting and recycling scrap metal

Agricultural and Farm Scrap Metal

These days, farmers use technology to their advantage, and the latest state-of-the-art equipment helps them reduce their workload considerably. Gone are the days when agricultural machinery are resemble industrial beasts; they have been replaced by smaller, lighter, more efficient pieces of equipment. 

Older Agricultural and farm machinery is ideal for scrapping; they often have more metal content and is much heavier than modern machinery. As we pay for scrap by weight, older machinery are likely to reap a higher monetary reward.

Sell Your Tractor for Scrap

Dismantling tractors has been our business for generations. We are trained to work with every type of tractor and heavy equipment. 

We are always looking for scrap to add to our stock; w e are happy to purchase fire damaged equipment, tractors which have been in accidents, and even equipment that has severe mechanical problems. So, if you have been wondering what to do with you badly damaged machinery, do not hesitate to give us a call. The tractors we purchase are then stripped of their parts which can be re-used are prepared for sale. 

scrap metal recycling in county antrim